Unplanned downtime is a thing of the past: Top 5 Preventative Maintenance Tips

Preventive maintenance (PM) is a key part of facilities management, and your goal is to develop and implement consistent practices that improve the performance and safety of the equipment at your facilities. While the implementation of a preventative maintenance plan can be time-consuming and costly, from our years of experience, we believe that the benefits far outweigh the risk of not having one in place. Fewer equipment stops mean less production waste, less unplanned downtime, and a healthier business. Follow these five tips to ensure you have an effective, efficient, and sustainable PM program for your facility.

Are retrofits worth the hassle?

Everyone wants to start out with new equipment, but the current economic climate requires many companies to keep getting more out of their existing assets.

How an engineering study can help you

What is an engineering study? How is it useful? Why should I pay for one? These are all great questions. First, at JCS, an engineering study is useful when a customer needs to identify a problem, or multiple problems within their systems in their facility. Paying for an engineering study, or engineering evaluation, allows an outside organization to come into your facility with a fresh perspective to look at the big picture. Whether trying to identify possible contamination points creating micro counts on a low acid aseptic line, identifying areas for improvement in yields, or even looking at ways to treat your product better during processing for improved quality; an engineering study brings the perspective of outside engineering experts to evaluate, provide data, and a detailed report to assist you to make the best business decision.

Modernizing your JCS HMI Client/Server Architecture with Thin Clients

Are you aware of the security risks of hosting HMI applications on thick clients? How much time gets spent ensuring thick client operating systems are updated or the amount of time and expense involved in replacing a HMI thick client that fails? In JCS’s breadth of experience, the solution to eliminating the security risks of thick clients, reducing maintenance support, and when necessary, quick replacement in a matter of minutes is simple when HMI applications are hosted on thin clients. Some of the key benefits of Thin Clients are:

How to choose the appropriate aseptic processing system for your application

As a beverage producer you are regularly evaluating market options for differentiating your aseptic product lines, and that ofttimes requires new or modified aseptic processing systems in your enterprise. Your Staff and Engineering Team will have to answer questions like: How can I choose the appropriate system for my plant? What is the best technology? Can I use only one processing system for all my applications? There is no correct answer for what the best technology is for UHT or HHST design. One technology may be best for one product and not for another. Therefore, the product application should be the driver of your selection. If the wrong technology is selected, the product may not meet proper specifications or quality. The best technology for the application is the one that produces the best product quality at the lowest capital and operating costs.

Protect your Investment with the JCS Production System Software Assurance Service

Can you afford unexpected production downtime or performance degradation from the servers and controllers in charge of running your plant process? Of course not! That can be a plant’s worst nightmare. Any inopportune disruption of plant critical operations results in additional costs, time, and above all - lost revenue. That’s why JCS offers the Production System Software Assurance Service – a twelve-month service plan that provides production system software support and a monthly client/server/controller health check for the plant end-user’s process and control system application.

Welcoming Dave Stoklosa as our New VP of Sales

We are excited to welcome Dave Stoklosa to the JCS family as VP of Sales and Marketing. Dave will focus his efforts on increasing our top-line revenue and leading the overall Marketing Plan for JCS in the years to come.

2020 JCS Food and Beverage Forum Update

Similar to last year's event, JCS was looking forward to connecting with our customers and partners at the JCS Food and Beverage Forum and discover new perspectives on challenges and trends in the food and beverage industry. But given the growing concerns around COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person event.

Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We know the growing concern around COVID-19 has everyone feeling uneasy, especially as we face more changes to our daily routines. At JCS, the safety of our employees and their families is always our primary concern. In an effort to keep our customers informed, we would like to provide some details regarding our business continuity plan.

Why Should I upgrade from ControlNet/DeviceNet to Ethernet/IP?

Manufacturers looking for ease of maintenance, upgradability and employing the IIOT (Industrial Internet of things) will need to upgrade to Ethernet/IP networks to ensure their equipment will be viable into the future and capable of taking advantage of the next generation of industrial control.

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