Engineering Services

  • Process and Controls Development and Design
    • JCS develops and designs systems for food, dairy and beverage processes
    • JCS develops and designs control systems with a plant floor-to-enterprise approach
    • We have a proven track record of quality designs and implementations
    • JCS brings the expertise and experience to complete your end-to-end process design.
      We consider the most appropriate process options for the different applications, the different ingredient properties and the final product requirements.
      We tailor designs to meet your flexibility requirements as well as considering overall energy consumption, efficiencies and minimizing shrinkage. Since we are not a distributor, we are not tied to a specific company line. This allows us the unique privilege to specify the best solution for any application – regardless of manufacturer.
    • JCS has the ability to control your existing process. We will review your process and design a control system tailored to your needs. We have on staff engineers with computer, electrical and information backgrounds. At JCS, we offer a customized solution to meet the specific process control needs of our customers. We offer design, fabrication, installation and commissioning.
      A JCS PLC-based control system is implemented with the future in mind. We design systems that bridge your units of plant operation together for open communications flow from the plant floor up. Our systems can be tied to your current or future MES or SAP systems.
  • Engineering Studies and Evaluations
    • At JCS we have the know-how to evaluate your process for efficiencies, yields, energy and utility balance, design and improvement
    • We are experts in evaluating your Aseptic Processes for sterility, cleaning, processing, reduced interface and upgrade
    • JCS has evaluated, retrofitted and upgraded all major manufacturers of HTST, UHT for juice, beverage and dairy
    • Whether the purpose of an evaluation is to find ways to increase throughput of an existing process, find the root cause of a problem, or to establish options for a new process, JCS has the insight and knowledge to deliver a comprehensive study. The JCS staff is comprised of engineers and technicians with many years of experience in the food manufacturing industry. Upon the completion of an engineering study, the findings are yours to keep.
  • Project Management
    • At JCS Project Management is a key to success
    • We have a track proven and published Project Methodology for project success
    • We provide Project Management services for everything from small upgrade projects to completed new turnkey projects
    • JCS has the Technical Staff and Resources available to offer a variety of technical services to the Food and Beverage Industry.

      • Process Commissioning
      • Onsite Debug
      • Process System Tuning
      •  Process System Troubleshooting
      • Preventative Maintenance and Calibration
      • Pump and Valve Rebuilding
      • Instrumentation Calibration
      • Control Panel Design and Fabrication
      • Custom Control Panel Design
      • Control Panel Fabrication and Assembly
      • UL and CSA Inspection
      • Demand Service
      • Fast Response Telephone Support
      • Modem Support of Control Systems
      • Onsite Services and Troubleshooting
      • Quality and Contamination Event Investigation
  • Product Development - R&D
    • At JCS, we will work with your product quality team to develop new products, flavors or processes
    • We work closely with the Perdue Food Science Lab for product testing
    • We work closely with the National Food Lab for process validations
    • The Product Development Team of JCS works closely with our clients to develop new and improved food products for target markets such as retail, institutional or food service. Our team can either work independently to meet product requirements set by the client, or they can work as a part of clients’ in-house R&D Team in an advisory capacity.
      Some of our multinational clients retain our services to get a different perspective on an in-house generated product development concept, while others realize that it may be more cost-effective to have JCS R&D Team carry out the prototype generation stage.
      Our R&D Team can:

      • Conduct literature search to gather current research and technical data pertaining to the product under development
      • Develop brand new food products or work on variations to existing product lines to extend the SKU range
      • Explore opportunities for developing value-added products
      • Source and evaluate ingredients
      • Develop prototypes and compare to competitive products, if applicable
      • Generate database-based nutritional information for prototypes to better understand product placement in marketplace
      • Provide know-how on scale-up from bench-top to pilot scale and to full-scale production
      • Provide feedback on compliance with Federal and State (or Provincial) regulations pertaining to dairy and food products and manufacturing processes
      • Provide advice on packaging and storage of the finished product