aseptic processing tank


  • The Ultra Family of Products
    • In the world of aseptic processing so much emphasis is put on the package but at JCS we believe that your product inside the package is what matters. We have developed our Ultra family of products to deliver the highest quality sterile processing for your products!
      • The JCS UltraSys™
        • The JCS UltraSys™ is our unique direct steam injection UHT for clean Low Acid processing for Shelf Stable or Extended Shelf Life (ESL) products
        • The UltraSys™ is a best-of-breed system and because we are not a distributor or manufacturer of parts, we have the ability to select the very best components for our design without constraints
        • The UltraSys™ system is installed in flow rates from 8 – 125 GPM throughput
      • The JCS UltraFlex™
        • The UltraFlex™ is our own unique hybrid processor that can process both Low and High Acid product with either direct steam injection or indirect heating
        • The UltraFlex™ processes products from thick products with particulates for products like juice or smoothies indirectly, and clean fluid milk, mix or even coconut milk, cream or water with direct injection
        • This system is installed in flow rates from 8 – 125 GPM throughput for Shelf Stable or ESL
      • The JCS UltraTherm™
        • The JCS UltraTherm™ is an indirect Plate Heat Exchanger based UHT for Low or High Acid products for Shelf Stable or ESL
        • The JCS UltraTherm™ is a highly efficient (90%+) process with direct regeneration
        • This system is installed in flow rates from 20 – 125 GPM throughput
      • The JCS UltraTube™
        • The JCS UltraTube™ is an indirect tubular based UHT for High or Low Acid products
        • The JCS UltraTube™ is designed to run thicker products with or without particulates, for Shelf Stable or ESL
        • The JCS UltraTube™ operates with direct regeneration at efficiencies of 70%+
      • The JCS UltraSpiral™
        • The JCS UltraSpiral™ is a spiral coil heat exchanger based UHT for Low or High Acid products for Shelf Stable or ESL
        • The JCS UltraSpiral™ is designed for processing thick, viscous products or products with large particulates
        • The JCS UltraSpiral™ is installed at flow rates of 8 to 100 GPM throughput
      • Direct Steam Injection (UltraSys™)
        The JCS complete UltraSys™ aseptic processor for low acid products assures product and process integrity. By coupling proven aseptic technology, and the best in aseptic equipment, with JCS process and control engineering expertise and know-how, we are able to offer a system of superior performance at a most cost-effective price.
        The UltraSys™ aseptic system, by JCS, integrates the best available components to provide a complete system of the utmost efficiency. The key major components used are a PHE preheater/cooler plate heat exchanger, a Sanitary Hydrothermal steam injector manufactured to 3A standards, a JCS custom-designed flash cooler manufactured by JCS, an aseptic homogenizer, aseptic valves, sanitary processing valves, centrifugal pumps, and top-of-the-line utility valves. The UltraSys™ can be coupled to a unique JCS designed low acid sterile surge tank, AsepTank™, which is fabricated exclusively for JCS.
        Additionally we offer the following Aseptic Designed Processes:
        • Indirect Thermal Process
        • Tubular
        • Coil
        • PHE
        Hybrid Processor
        • Uses injection and flash cooling or indirect heating and deaeration
      • FDA Filed Validated Systems
      • CFR21 Part 13
    • The JCS UltraBlock™ provides extended shelf life and canned milk Aseptic Processors the most reliable and flexible dual isolation barrier satisfying PMO 2005 requirements. With the JCS UltraBlock™, One Process Can Satisfy the Needs of:

        • Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Processing
        • Aseptic, Shelf Stable Processing
      • The JCS UltraBlock™:
        • Allows, the Elimination of the Dual Stem Flow-Diversion Valve Assembly
        • Allows the Use of a Single UHT Processor for Both ESL and Aseptic Products
        • Extends Product Runs Beyond the Normal 24 Hours to 40+ Hours
        • Provides PMO Compliant Aseptic Product and Chemical Isolation
        • Provides a Means of Sterile Water Rinsing of the Aseptic Storage Tank
        • Assures the Integrity of the Aseptic Process and Products
  • JCS Continuous Standardization
    • The JCS Continuous Standardizer is an In-Line Blending product that standardizes your products to your specifications
    • The JCS Continuous Standardizer is a proprietary Mass or Volume balance standardization system, we deliver on spec product from start to finish
    • Our system will standardize to your specific constituent, whether it is fat content, sugar solids, salts, % alcohol by volume (to name a few), or a combination of specs
      • The JCS Continuous Standardizer is the only system installed, approved by the TTB to continuously blend alcohol spirits to a bottling filler without the use of a bottling tank for proof checking
    • The JCS Continuous Standardizer is installed in multiple configurations to meet your product needs
      • We have installed everything from 2 stream systems to 16 stream systems
        • At product flow rates from fractional GPM up to 600 GPM throughput
    • Digital In-Line Blending is a method of standardizing products or blending products together by introducing multiple streams of flow or components into a common pipe or small vessel.
      Digital blending can be thought of as continuous standardization of product. Digital In-Line Blending is similar to batching in that ingredients and additives are metered together into a tank or pipe. However, it differs in that all the ingredients are metered simultaneously at accurately controlled rates using digital technology to assure that the product batch is within specification at all times.
      The technique of continuous Inline blending for product standardization is not a simple flow rate control scheme. It is a completely engineered, synchronized, accurate system.
      The Digital In-Line Blending technique also provides for standardizing of product by component, in other words, accurate material balance.

      JCS has developed and installed the first ever TTB approved Inline Blending System for spirits to continuously deliver product to the filler.  This is a Just In Time process!
      It is also the first spirits process ever to be continuously produced in the United States with +/- .03% ABV Accuracy.
      This process also takes into account the volumetric contraction of alcohol and maintains accuracy!

  • Batching
    • JCS Batch Processing application software is not only compliant with the SP88 standard. Our approach is highly efficient and flexible because it is designed to not only meet the letter of the SP88 specification, but its true intent. The Control Recipe and execution is done in the PLC rather than in a PC, while Recipe Handling, the Master Recipe, Production Planning, and Batch Records are maintained in the Supervisory Computer.This approach optimizes the system resources in several ways:
      • the PLC becomes the real-time, industrial-strength workhorse it is designed to be
      • the PC pulls only the necessary data from the PLC and converts it into usable information, then makes it available to other parts of the organization, on an as-needed basis
      • network resources are optimized because the data remains where it is needed within the organization, and only that which needs to be shared is made available to other areas, freeing up network bandwidth as much as possible
    • JCS offers:
      • Total integration capabilities: we supply turnkey solutions because we understand the implications and importance of integrating the process design with the control system, plant equipment and utilities, and people
      • Integration of Plant Floor Production Systems with Business Systems through standard hardware, software, and networked operating environments
      • Modular Systems: designed to be cost-effective, to expedite start-ups, and to facilitate maintenance, cleanability, as well as future enhancements, modifications, and process control flexibility
      • Experience in process development and implementation specific to the Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals industries
      • In-Plant expertise: working effectively with Management, Operations, Engineering, and Maintenance
  • Pasteurization Systems (HTST)
    • JCS knows pasteurization, we have designed and delivered systems for HTST in dairy, juice, alcohol, beverage and others
    • JCS designs and delivers HTST systems with multiple technologies based on your product needs with throughputs from 20 – 125 GPM throughput
      • Plate Heat Exchange based
      • Tubular Heat Exchange based
      • Spiral Coil Heat Exchange based
      • Millisecond Technology based (MST)
    • At JCS we offer pasteurizers for Low and High Acid processes. Whether you are a dairy producer wanting to implement a fluid milk HTST, or a juice processor wanting a hot fill, we are your choice! We offer skidded pasteurizers, prefabricated and assembled for ease of installation.
      JCS knows pasteurization, whether your process is governed by:
      • PMO
      • Canned Milk
      • USDA
      • We will design and implement a system for you. Our systems utilize the following technology:
        • Plate HX
        • Tubular HX
        • Steam Injected/Infused
        • VAT Pasteurized
        • Retort

        We have the design for you!

  • Clean In Place (CIP)
    • At JCS we know how important cleanliness is to your process. We design systems for CIP with efficiency in mind
      • We keep energy, water and chemical savings in mind to reduce your operating costs
    • The JCS CIP system is a skid-based process with options for systems from a single tank system up to four tank systems for recovery
    • We design systems to achieve velocities of 5 – 10 feet per second in your process
    • JCS implements and supports Clean In Place (CIP) systems either as stand-alone systems or preferably, with the control system integrated into the rest of the production process. This approach often reduces cost of equipment, maintenance, and controls. It also frequently improves plant productivity because cleaning time is reduced, thereby increasing the amount of time available for production.
    • A JCS CIP System design incorporates all aspects of the production process, from Raw Circuits and Receiving through to the Filler. In dairy operations, Trucks and Silos are also part of the CIP Process.
  • Control System
    • At JCS we analyze, design and deliver control systems to meet the needs of the customer with a plant floor to enterprise approach
    • We design our interface screens for ease of use for operations, management and maintenance
    • Our control systems can interface with your ERP or MES systems
    • We develop and deliver systems with historical trending and reporting designed to meet your regulatory and managerial needs
  • JCS has the ability to control your existing process. We will review your process and design a control system tailored to your needs. JCS has a online pinning chart function to allow the customer to make real time online changes to their sequenced process. All JCS control systems are supplied with documented electrical schematics, and operator manuals for ease of use and maintenance. We offer distributed control systems, allowing for ease of installation (lower cost) and a better fit for most applications.