Control System

At JCS we analyze, design and deliver control systems to meet the needs of the customer with a plant floor-to-enterprise approach.

We design our interface screens for ease of use for operations, management and maintenance.

Our control systems can interface with your ERP or MES systems.

We develop and deliver systems with historical trending and reporting designed to meet your regulatory and managerial needs.

Our data management makes interfacing between OT and IT transparent.

JCS has the ability to control your existing process. We will review your process and design a control system tailored to your needs. JCS has an online pinning chart function to allow the customer to make real time online changes to their sequenced process. All JCS control systems are supplied with documented electrical schematics, and operator manuals for ease of use and maintenance. We offer distributed control systems, allowing for ease of installation (Lower Cost) and a better fit for most applications.

JCS includes online help screens.

JCS includes network monitoring overview screens to assist maintenance with debugging issues on all control and Ethernet networks as well as the status of critical servers and PLCs.