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    Providing Process & Controls Systems since 1988

    Better processing means higher profits, therefore JCS helps Food & Beverage companies reduce manufacturing costs and improve throughput with Aseptic or ESL pasteurization systems, and product standardization solutions customized for your business needs.

    Our industry focus enables us to supply innovative, cost-effective, advanced control strategies that optimize plant productivity and manufacturing flexibility.


    Just a few of the applications where JCS offerings have improved performance for our customers are: Milk, Shake Mix, Ice Cream Mix, Functional Beverages, Plant Based Beverages, Nut based Beverages, Fruit Juices, Nectar, Tea, Sauces, Purees, Spirits, and many other types of foods and beverages.


    lifelong partnership WITH JCS 

    Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, therefore we build strong partnerships with them. By combining our extensive expertise with innovative technology and services, JCS provides the most cost-effective systems  to produce the highest quality products at the lowest processing cost. 

    We provide World Class Customer Service, responding quickly to troubleshoot any process and or control problems for our customers day or night with 24/7 phone and online support. 

    Our project support spans from concept through design, build, programming, installation, commissioning, training, after project continued support, and on into our customer's future operations. We have the technical expertise to develop process and control systems to fit even your most challenging processing needs, always optimizing overall energy consumption, processing and production efficiencies, and minimizing product and ingredient losses. 


    Customer Support 24/7 for beverage processing
    Vision, Mission, Values



    We work to know our customers' businesses to provide efficient and reliable solutions, and exceptional service, to exceed their expectations. Commitment to our core values is the foundation of lasting relationships and fosters a culture where our employees can grow and thrive. 


    To provide value that exceeds expectations and creates lasting relationships. 


    JCS is founded on and values the principles of respect, trust, integrity, wellness, and excellence. These universal principles guide us in achieving the personal satisfaction of providing well-engineered, innovative solutions for our customers' processing plants.

    history of jcs

    JCS was founded by Philip R. Frechette in 1988. As a Christian, he named the company JCS (Jesus Christ Saves) and built it on integrity and a win-win or "no deal" attitude. 

    Originally the charter of JCS was to supply Consulting Engineering Services to the Food and Beverage Industry.

    The JCS Customers, being familiar with the founder and his expertise were not satisfied with only Consulting Services but encouraged JCS to offer complete process and control systems. This drove the company to grow into the complete Food & Beverage engineering company that it is today; JCS Process and Control Systems offers not only a full line of services but also complete engineered, fabricated, skidded, controlled, and commissioned processing systems.

    Today, JCS has strong core competencies in Product Development (R&D), Aseptic Processing, Continuous In-line product standardizing systems, S88 compliant Batching Systems, and many advanced technology processing systems such as Aseptic Processing, Long Life Pasteurization, Ultra Pasteurization, HTST, Hot Fill, Product Standardization with true mass balance of even the smallest components, Evaporation, Spray Drying, Membrane based Concentration Processes, and more.

    JCS stands behind every system we design with customer support being our #1 objective. 

    Phil Frechette, CEO of JCS