About Us


To be a World-Class Food & Dairy Engineering Company that is recognized as a top quality innovative contributor of advanced technologies for the Betterment of Public Health, the Profitability of our Customers, the Advancement of our Employees, and the Profitability of our Shareholders.


To make a positive impact in the areas of public health and safety by designing and delivering robust and reliable processing systems that meet and/or exceed the highest standards of the food and dairy industry.

To promote an environment that encourages our employees to grow technically and professionally.

To use our engineering expertise and experience to analyze our customers' needs and provide them with reliable processing solutions that enable them to achieve higher operating efficiencies, improved product quality and reduced production costs.

To maintain profitability and steady corporate growth through strict adherence to project methodology, employing better business practices, and making strategic investments.


The company is founded on the principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, service, quality and excellence.

These universal principles guide us in achieving the personal satisfaction of providing well-engineered, innovative solutions for our customers' processing plants.


Philip R. Frechette founded JCS Controls, Inc. in November of 1988. As a Christian, Phil named the company JCS (Jesus Christ Saves), and created the JCS logo as a rising sun which stands for the second coming of Christ, and made it Red as a symbol of The Lord's Shed Blood. Originally the charter of JCS was to supply Consulting Engineering Services to the Food and Beverage Industry.

The JCS Customers, being familiar with the founder and his expertise were not satisfied with only Consulting Services but encouraged JCS to offer complete process and control systems. This drove the Company to grow into the complete Food & Beverage Engineering Company that it is today; JCS Process and Control Systems Engineering Company offers not only a full line of services but also complete engineered, fabricated, skidded, controlled, and commissioned processing systems. Today, JCS has strong core competence in Product Development (R&D), Aseptic Processing, Mass Balanced Product Standardizing Systems, S88 Compliant Batching Systems, and many advanced technology processing systems such as Evaporation, Spray Drying, Cheese VAT Control, Membrane Processes, and more.


JCS specializes in process and control systems design and implementation, primarily within the Food and Beverage Industries.

Our industry focus enables us to supply innovative, cost-effective, advanced control strategies that optimize plant productivity and manufacturing flexibility.