UltraBlend™ UK Skid 1-1

    Bourbon producers: Blend to bottle with the JCS UltraBlend™ for Single Barrel


    With the JCS UltraBlend™ you can enjoy higher profits by obtaining tighter accuracies, and continuously blend alcohol to a bottling filler without the use of a bottling tank for proof verification/correction. Other benefits of the JCS UltraBlend™ are:

      • Flexible solution capability:
        • Single barrel – two streams (water/bourbon)
        • Ability to do high and low proof in the same system
      • Continuous ABV accuracy.

    Maximize your production capacity with these key advantages

    The JCS UltraBlend™ for Single Barrel adds key advantages to your production

    • Time savings
    • Labor savings
    • Increased production capacity without adding more holding tanks
    • Eliminate customer give away in the tighter %ABV
    • Improved efficiency/Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    • Ease to accomplish real-time business analytics and reporting
    • Inline alcohol sensors reduce the work load on the lab
    • Improved plant engineering and maintenance by the JCS troubleshooting diagnostics which are an integral part of the JCS UltraBlend™
    • Batch reporting customized to your needs and meeting TTB requirements
    • The JCS UltraBlend™ for Single Barrel follows industry best practices and trickle flows the water into the bourbon to minimize the onset of saponification

    • The above result in increased profitability 



    UltraBlend™ UK Skid 2

    technical specifications

    • Systems designs range from 1 GPM pilot scale to 30 GPM for single barrel production 
    • Easily integrates with plant production infrastructure
    • Integration with enterprise management data systems for inventory control and reporting
    • Remote online support
    • Integrates with food safety quality systems

    JCS Process and Control Systems donates UltraBlend™ system to UK’s James B. Beam Institute


    JCS donated its very best standardizing technology in the form of a new JCS UltraBlend™ Continuous In-line Standardizer to the James B. Beam Institute. This donation will enable both students and industry professionals the opportunity to perform pilot testing and research in an academic laboratory environment.

    At JCS, we look forward to seeing the bourbon industry take advantage of the productivity and time savings advantages this system provides in comparison to traditional batching.



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