Pasteurization Systems (HTST)

JCS knows pasteurization: we have designed and delivered systems for HTST in dairy, juice, alcohol, beverage and others.

JCS designs and delivers HTST pasteurization systems with multiple technologies based on your product needs with throughputs from 20 – 125 GPM.

  • Plate Heat Exchange based
  • Tubular Heat Exchange based
  • Spiral Coil Heat Exchange based
  • Millisecond Technology based (MST)

Proven sequencers and automated pinning charts for full repeatable automation.

Integrated clean in place.

Volumetric based product transfers to minimize product loses.

At JCS, we offer high temperature short time pasteurization for Low and High Acid processes. Whether you are a dairy producer wanting to implement a fluid milk HTST, a juice processor wanting a hot fill, or a producer of liquid egg, sauce, or any liquid food product, we are your choice! We offer skidded pasteurizers with on-board control systems, prefabricated, assembled, piped, instrumented, wired, tubed, and checked-out for ease of installation.

JCS knows pasteurization, whether your process is governed by:

  • PMO
  • Canned Milk
  • USDA

We will design and implement a system for you utilizing the following technologies:

  • Plate HX
  • Tubular HX
  • Steam Injected/Infused
  • VAT Pasteurized
  • Retort

We have the design for you!