The JCS UltraFlex™

The UltraFlex™ is our own unique hybrid processor that can process both Low and High Acid product with either direct steam injection or indirect heating.

The UltraFlex™ is available in various formats utilizing Direct Injection UltraSys™ technology with UltraTherm™ (PHE based), UltraTube™ (Tubular based), UltraSpiral™ (Spiral Tube based), and combinations of the above. The technology used is based on the product and product mix.

Viscosities from 1cps to 400cps

The UltraFlex™ processes products from thick products with particulates for products like juice or smoothies indirectly, and clean fluid milk, mix or even coconut milk, cream or water with direct injection.

This system is installed in flow rates from 8 – 125 GPM throughput for Shelf Stable or ESL.