Aseptic Processing

Direct Steam Injection (Ultrasys™)

The JCS complete UltraSys™ aseptic processor for Low Acid products assures product and process integrity. By coupling proven aseptic processing technology and the best in aseptic equipment with JCS process and control engineering expertise and know how, we are able to offer a system of superior performance at a most cost-effective price.

The key major components used are a PHE preheater/cooler plate heat exchanger, a Sanitary Steam Injector manufactured to 3A standards that utilizes Sonic Velocity, a JCS custom designed flash cooler manufactured by JCS, an aseptic homogenizer, aseptic valves, sanitary processing valves, centrifugal pumps, and top-of-the-line utility valves.

  • Complies with all Dairy Regulations IE. PMO
  • The UltraSys™ offers low product loses during product to water transitions
  • The UltraSys™ offers millisecond heating from 165º F to 285º F reducing the time the product is in the critical zone.
  • The UltraSys™ offers stable production runs utilizing feed forward temperature control
  • The UltraSys™ can be coupled to a unique JCS-designed low acid sterile surge tank, AsepTank™, which is fabricated exclusively for JCS.
  • Additionally we offer the following Aseptic Designed Processes:
    • Indirect Thermal Process
    • Tubular
    • Coil
    • PHE

Hybrid Processor

  • Uses injection and flash cooling or indirect heating and deaeration
  • FDA Filed Validated Systems
  • CFR21 Part 13 Compliant