The ultra family of products

The JCS Ultra Family of Products provides multiple solutions to extend the shelf life of your products, and ensure safety with direct and indirect heating methods. 


UltraSys no background


The JCS UltraSys™

The JCS UltraSys™ is our unique, direct steam injection UHT / HHST for clean Low Acid processing for Shelf Stable or Extended Shelf Life (ESL) products.

JCS UltraFlex


The JCS UltraFlex™

The JCS UltraFlex™ is our own unique hybrid processor that can process both Low and High Acid product with either direct steam injection or indirect heating.

JCS UltraBlock

The JCS UltraBlock™

Valve cluster that isolates and routes product between the UHT and the Aseptank™.

JCS UltraTube

The JCS UltraTube™

The JCS UltraTube™ is an indirect tubular based UHT for High or Low Acid products

JCS UltraSpiral

The JCS UltraSpiral™

The JCS UltraSpiral™ is an indirect spiral-coil heat exchanger based UHT for Low or High Acid products for Shelf Stable or ESL product.

JCS UltraPath

The JCS UltraPath™
The JCS UltraPath™ is an Aseptic Filler Routing Valve Cluster that routes product between Aseptic Surge Tanks and Fillers.

UltraTherm 3

The JCS UltraTherm™

The JCS UltraTherm™ is an indirect Plate Heat Exchanger based UHT for Low or High Acid products for Shelf Stable or ESL.

JCS Aseptic Enzyme Standardizing System

The JCS UltraBlend™ for Enzyme Standardization

Add enzyme to the milk post pasteurization treatment to minimize enzyme loses.