The ultra family of products



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The JCS UltraSys™

The JCS UltraSys™ is our unique, direct steam injection UHT / HHST for clean Low Acid processing for Shelf Stable or Extended Shelf Life (ESL) products.

JCS UltraFlex


The JCS UltraFlex™

The JCS UltraFlex™ is our own unique hybrid processor that can process both Low and High Acid product with either direct steam injection or indirect heating.

JCS UltraBlock

The JCS UltraBlock™

Valve cluster that isolates and routes product between the UHT and the Aseptank™.

JCS UltraTube

The JCS UltraTube™

The JCS UltraTube™ is an indirect tubular based UHT for High or Low Acid products

JCS UltraSpiral

The JCS UltraSpiral™

The JCS UltraSpiral™ is an indirect spiral-coil heat exchanger based UHT for Low or High Acid products for Shelf Stable or ESL product.

JCS UltraPath

The JCS UltraPath™
The JCS UltraPath™ is an Aseptic Filler Routing Valve Cluster that routes product between Aseptic Surge Tanks and Fillers.

UltraTherm 3

The JCS UltraTherm™

The JCS UltraTherm™ is an indirect Plate Heat Exchanger based UHT for Low or High Acid products for Shelf Stable or ESL.

JCS Aseptic Enzyme Standardizing System

The JCS UltraBlend™ for Enzyme Standardization

Add enzyme to the milk post pasteurization treatment to minimize enzyme loses.