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    NEW MILLISECOND TECHNOLOGY (MST) provides extended shelf life to your product


    MST gives you the taste and nutrition of HTST pasteurized products, while providing you the shelf life of UHT products. 

    In the Dairy industry, MST is a new technology that can give both Fresh Milk and Extended Shelf Life.


    MST is easily integrated into HTST processing line

                                 Below are the two scenarios on how the MST Technology can help dairy producers extend the shelf life of their products

    ESL Milk
    Extended shelf life milk
    * Depending on post pasteurization environment
    Millisecond Technology (MST)-1

    MSt Benefits

    Extended shelf life optimizes distribution through the Supply Chain:
    • Reduces returns and disposals
    • Allows shipping further distances

    Increase capacity because of less spoilage at retailers
    Fresh Taste compared to Ultra-Pasteurized:
    The MST process is at a temperature close to HTST

    Preserves Nutrition- MST maintains vitamin integrity, has significantly less denaturation of proteins than Ultra-Pasteurized method




    By using Millisecond Technology (MST), Vaquería Tres Monjitas, Inc. has been able to extend the shelf life of its fresh milk products from 12 or 13 days to 33 days. That has helped the company minimize yield losses, decreasing the amount of expired product that retailers pull off their shelves and return to the company.

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