Engineering Evaluations

At JCS, we have the know-how to evaluate your process for efficiencies, yields, energy and utility balance, design and improvement.

We are experts in reviewing your Aseptic Processes for sterility, cleaning, processing, reduced interface and upgrade; regardless of the Original Equipment Manufacturer

We can evaluate for:

  • Microbial issues
  • Compliance issues with PMO, FDA, USDA, etc.

JCS has evaluated, retrofitted and upgraded all major manufacturers of HTSTs and UHTs for juice, beverage and dairy

Process Evaluation/Improvement

Whether the purpose of an engineering evaluation is to find ways to increase throughput of an existing process, find the root cause of a problem, or to establish options for a new process, JCS has the insight and knowledge to deliver a comprehensive study. The JCS staff is comprised of engineers and technicians with many years of experience in the food manufacturing industry. Upon the completion of an engineering study, the findings are yours to keep.


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