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Modernizing your JCS HMI Client/Server Architecture with Thin Clients

Are you aware of the security risks of hosting HMI applications on thick clients? How much time gets spent ensuring thick client operating systems are updated or the amount of time and expense involved in replacing a HMI thick client that fails? In JCS’s breadth of experience, the solution to eliminating the security risks of thick clients, reducing maintenance support, and when necessary, quick replacement in a matter of minutes is simple when HMI applications are hosted on thin clients. Some of the key benefits of Thin Clients are:

Protect your Investment with the JCS Production System Software Assurance Service

Can you afford unexpected production downtime or performance degradation from the servers and controllers in charge of running your plant process? Of course not! That can be a plant’s worst nightmare. Any inopportune disruption of plant critical operations results in additional costs, time, and above all - lost revenue. That’s why JCS offers the Production System Software Assurance Service – a twelve-month service plan that provides production system software support and a monthly client/server/controller health check for the plant end-user’s process and control system application.

Increase Efficiency with JCS Data Capture

Data Capture is the first step towards process improvement. No matter the industry that you are in, if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. In the Food and Beverage processing industry, this is not an exception. For process control systems, data capture is a vital part of the overall system and is what validates the finished product. JCS has developed a standardized approach to data capture for each control process -  batching, blending, clean in place (CIP) systems, and ultra-high temperature (UHT) systems - to record data for regulatory, troubleshooting, process optimization and reporting purposes.

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