How an engineering study can help you

What is an engineering study? How is it useful? Why should I pay for one? These are all great questions. First, at JCS, an engineering study is useful when a customer needs to identify a problem, or multiple problems within their systems in their facility. Paying for an engineering study, or engineering evaluation, allows an outside organization to come into your facility with a fresh perspective to look at the big picture. Whether trying to identify possible contamination points creating micro counts on a low acid aseptic line, identifying areas for improvement in yields, or even looking at ways to treat your product better during processing for improved quality; an engineering study brings the perspective of outside engineering experts to evaluate, provide data, and a detailed report to assist you to make the best business decision.

JCS Engineering Study

Elements of a typical engineering study:      


  • Pre-meeting with customer
    • Define problem statement
    • Define the Schedule
    • Identify existing documents, data and records to be made available to the study
  • Travel to Site
  • Interviews with key Corporate, Management, and Plant personnel regarding Operations, Maintenance, Quality Control, Lab Testing, Plant History, Process History, and Product History
  • Documentation Review of
    • Process Flow Charts
    • P&IDs
    • System Documentation
      • P&IDs
      • HMIs
      • PLCs
      • Instrumentation
      • Electrical
    • Any pertinent Production Records
    • Any pertinent Sanitation Records
  • Production Line Evaluation
    • Observe Production Running
    • Observe CIP and Sanitation
  • On-Site Review Meeting at Plant prior to leaving
  • Return from site
  • Compilation of Study Data and Information
  • Evaluation of Systems, and compiled data, with the Engineering Staff
  • Generate any recommended P&ID process and CIP improvements
  • Generate the Budgets for each recommendation
  • Develop the Report, including:
    • P&IDs with recommendations
    • Recommended Improvements, including justifications and ROI strategy
    • Any potential product improvements
    • Budget for Changes
    • Detailed Written Report
  • Presentation of the Report and above documentation to the customer

At JCS, we provide engineering studies to our customers to help them with their business decisions. When a customer purchases an engineering study, they are the owner of the engineering and data that is generated in the project and report. The report provides a scope of work for the bidding process or in-house implementation if the resources are available.

At JCS, we offer up to a 50% rebate of the cost of the engineering study against a subsequent project to implement the recommendations of the study. Contact us to see how a JCS engineering study could be right for your facility.

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Rob is the VP of Business Development here at JCS. He has been with JCS since 2000, as well as 1989-1991; during his break at JCS Rob served in the United States Air Force on active duty. During his tenure at JCS his roles have included Project Manager, Account Manager, Sales Manager, VP Sales and Marketing, and now in his current role as VP of Business Development. Rob has degrees in Avionic Systems Technology, Business Administration, and an MBA.

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