What does JCS stand for?

If you have worked at or with JCS over the last 32 years then you most likely already know the story behind the company name and logo, for those of you that have wondered here is what it all means.

JCS was formed as a corporation in 1988 by Philip R. Frechette. As a Christian Phil felt it was immensely important to represent his faith in his new company and he named the company JCS (Jesus Christ Saves).  Quite a bold move to represent the Lord to customers with a new company, but one that has blessed the company and given us the longevity to still be here writing this blog 32 years later.  The logo has meaning to its design:

What is JCS?

  • The color is red to stand for the shed blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • The white in the lettering stands for the purity of God’s love
  • The ball and the line in the logo represent the rising sun over the horizon symbolizing the second coming of Christ
  • God is in control of this company!

You do not have to be a Christian to work at JCS, or work with us; we work with all faiths and even those with no faith.  The important thing to us is that we work and act ethically and morally with integrity in everything that we do, as Christ has taught us to do. This is why we (JCS) stand behind every process we design and install, because we are doing all things as though they are for the Lord.  

At JCS we strive to be the best partner we can with our customers, vendors, and team members.  We work diligently to represent the very best in support with openness and honesty.  We appreciate all that our Employees, Customers, and Suppliers do with us and for us! We hope to be the one called on to provide the best service for our customers and your company.  Contact us to find out more about JCS.

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About the author

Rob is the VP of Business Development here at JCS. He has been with JCS since 2000, as well as 1989-1991; during his break at JCS Rob served in the United States Air Force on active duty. During his tenure at JCS his roles have included Project Manager, Account Manager, Sales Manager, VP Sales and Marketing, and now in his current role as VP of Business Development. Rob has degrees in Avionic Systems Technology, Business Administration, and an MBA.

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