JCS signed a contract with Nu Agri Asia to provide Aseptic and Product Standardizing Systems to the Asian Market

On August 30, 2019, Nu Agri Asia and JCS Process & Control Systems signed a Contract whereby Nu Agri Asia will provide JCS Aseptic and Product Standardizing Systems to the Asian Market. This will include line expansion to existing plants, as well as four large scale new plants that are in various stages of development. The contract was signed by the CEOs of the two companies. Left on the picture is Dan Baron, CEO of Nu Agri Asia and right is Philip R Frechette, CEO of JCS Process & Control Systems. The signing was executed just following three days of successful meetings with the movers and shakers of the International Coconut Markets at the 2nd World Coconut Congress in Manila Philippines.

The 2nd World Coconut Congress held August 27th – 29th was attended by JCS Process & Control Systems and their new Asian Representative Company Nu Agri Asia. All of the major worldwide coconut product producers and distributors were present.

Nu Agri Asia and JCS Process & Control Systems exhibiting at the 2nd World Coconut Congress in Manilla Philippines August 27th – 29, 2019

From Left to Right: Dan Baron CEO Nu Agri Asia, Robert Veitch VP of Engineering at JCS, Hideki Kagohashi International Labor Organization of the Philippines, Simon Seagrave International Sales Representative at Nu Agri Asia, Rex Tabugo Technical Director Nu Agri Asia, and Philip R Frechette, CEO JCS Process & Control Systems.

Nu Agri Asia and JCS Process & Control Systems personnel pose for a photo just after the execution of the contract in Manilla Philippines August 30th, 2019.

The Keynote Speaker at the 2nd World Coconut Congress, the Secretary of Agriculture for the Philippines William Dollente Dar, referred to Dr. Emil Q Javier’s article, and stated that the Nu Agri Asia model is the best path for the Philippines, moving forward. See the link below to Dr. Emil Q Javier’s article.


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