Going Green and Reducing Production Costs - A Case Study on the Effectiveness of the JCS EcoCooler™ for Dairy Processing

Milk and associated dairy beverage processing  requires homogenization for fluid stability, and homogenization requires very high pressures to be effective. These high pressures act to heat up the hydraulic fluid inside the homogenizer and it must be cooled. Dairies typically use a steady flow of clean water to cool the recirculating hydraulic oil, and it’s no surprise vast amounts of clean water are being consumed for this purpose.  

As an alternative to this costly and wasteful practice, JCS created the JCS EcoCooler™ system to reduce your homogenizer water consumption during normal operation. A typical dairy homogenizer will consume up to 5 GPM of water for cooling and seals, and that’s well over 5,000 gpd per homogenizer.

The JCS EcoCooler™ has been installed in multiple locations at various US-based dairies, and the results are impressive.  Using integrated forced air fans instead of the traditional single pass clean water to cool the hydraulic oil, the JCS EcoCooler™ has proven to eliminate the wasteful consumption of over 1,000,000 gallons of water per year, per homogenizer. This also greatly reduces the facility sewer discharge volume and eliminates the associated treatment costs. The payback on the JCS EcoCooler™ has been proven to be less than 12 months for a typical homogenizer.

As ambient facility conditions can vary with season and geography, the JCS EcoCooler™ is designed to be fully integrated into the existing cooling water supply and can be supplemented by water if the cooling demand is not met by the air exchanger alone. As the JCS EcoCooler™ uses ambient facility air as the primary cooling medium, there are no interconnections required to the plant tower water or glycol system. The system is skid mounted and flexible enough to squeeze into the tightest of available spaces, or even ceiling mounted if need be.

If you are spending a lot of money on water, and you probably are, the JCS EcoCooler™ is the solution for you! Feel free to contact JCS to learn more about we can help your business go green and save money.

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