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Dave Ealy

Staying true to our roots while adapting to changes

Blog post picProviding world class customer service has been at the forefront of JCS Process & Control Systems since its beginning in 1988. The company has been built on integrity and a win-win or “no deal” attitude that has allowed us to retain and grow our clientele over the years. In 2016, we introduced approximately 11 new systems to our product portfolio and developed trusted and ongoing relationships with new customers. These achievements lead us to be proudly ranked #7 on the Rochester Chamber Top 100 fastest growing companies, and #1 in the manufacturing category.    

Championing a zero-defect standard in an ever-changing process


To continue providing world class products and services to clients, the executive management group set a company-wide zero-defect standard. The core objective of this initiative is to achieve a zero-defect execution of skid design, fabrication, delivery, and commissioning on all projects at  JCS Process & Control Systems.   At the beginning, the goal seemed lofty, and if you’re a skeptic, it might seem unattainable due to the level of customization that JCS systems have. Usually, the systems are comprised of over 500+ components, all having to function together to produce multiple variations of products with very specific requirements and parameters.  There is nothing but the certainty of error to occur during a project life-cycle with these odds.  So how do we do it?  That is a question that I asked over-and-over again to set the zero-defect internal mindset at JCS.