JCS Batch Processing application software: highly efficient and flexible because it is designed to not only meet the letter of the ISA S88 Batch Standard, but goes beyond to meet its true intent. The Control Recipe and execution is done in the PLC rather than in a PC, while Recipe Handling, the Master Recipe, Production Planning, and Batch Records are maintained in the Supervisory Computer. This approach optimizes the system resources in several ways:

  • the PLC becomes the real-time, industrial-strength workhorse it is designed to be
  • the PC pulls only the necessary data from the PLC and converts it into usable information, then makes it available to other parts of the organization, on an as-needed basis
  • network resources are optimized because the data remains where it is needed within the organization, and only what needs to be shared is made available to other areas, freeing up network bandwidth as much as possible