The JCS UltraSys™

The JCS UltraSys™ is our unique direct steam injection UHT for clean Low Acid processing for Shelf Stable or Extended Shelf Life (ESL) products.

The UltraSys™ is a best-of-breed system and because we are not a distributor or manufacturer of parts, we have the ability to select the very best components for our design without constraints.

The UltraSys™ system is installed in flow rates from 8 – 125 GPM throughput.

When sized at 125 GPM the unit can turn-down to 80 GPM.

Feed forward Mass and Energy Balanced control.

Optimized yield to produce interfaces as low as 15 gallons at 125 GPM and lower at lower rates.

Low product loss.

Steam Injector heats product from 165°F to 285°F in milliseconds, holds it for 2 seconds, and then cools it back to 165°F in milliseconds, reducing and/or eliminating product damage such as to render a fresh product taste.