UltraPath 300 DPI-1


    The JCS aseptic filler routing valve cluster 

    The JCS UltraPath™ routes product between Aseptic Surge Tanks and Fillers. When the product transfer stops, the JCS UltraPath™ applies dual steam barriers between the Aseptic Surge Tank and the Filler so they are aseptically isolated. The steam isolation barriers are also applied during CIP, AIC and when one system is out of service.

    The JCS UltraPath™ can easily be integrated into new or existing ESL or UHT control strategies. It comes standard with an Ethernet connection, and provides a protocol that makes integration with the PLC easy for the synchronization of control with the Upstream Aseptic Storage Tank (AsepTank), downstream fillers, as well as CIP System.

    The system design is modular so can be customized from a simple two aseptic surge tanks feeding one filler to multiple aseptic surge tanks feeding multiple fillers.


    Milk, Shake Mix, Ice Cream Mix, Functional Beverages, Plant Based Beverages, Nut based Beverages, Fruit Juices, Nectar, Tea, Sauces, Purees, and many other types of foods and beverages.

     Flexibility with product integrity

    The JCS UltraPath™ maintains the integrity of product and sterility on either side of the barrier between the Aseptic Surge Tank and the Filler. This maximizes product runs, ensures the separation of incompatible products, coordinates all functions with the filler, and can be fed to multiple destinations.

    • Incompatible products can be routed from one aseptic surge tank to a specific filler while a different non compatible product is routed from a different aseptic surge tank to a different filler, including allergies.
    • Filler transfer line can be CIP’d while the aseptic surge tank is still sending product to a different filler without affecting the integrity of the product.
    • Or the aseptic surge tank is being CIP’d while a different aseptic surge tank is still transferring product to the filler.

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    • Compact Design – The system contains the UltraPath™ cluster and is prewired to an electrical enclosure. The design minimizes floor space, while making sure all valves are easily accessible for maintenance.
    • Steam Sterilization Assurance – steam sterilization of the UltraPath™ assures a sterile environment for product transfer. System integrity is maintained by monitoring all barrier temperatures.
    • Ease of Integration – The Control System provides an Ethernet Connection to the Plant PLC network and provides a protocol for synchronizing control of the Upstream Processor and Down Stream Fillers, as well as the CIP System.

    • On-site Start-up Time – dependent on size of UltraPath™  and includes the complete PMO or filed product validation.

    • HAACP Screen – A single HMI screen displays all of the Critical Control Points (CCP) making the data easily accessible for Quality to review.
    • Maintainable – the JCS supplied valves are the most suitable for this aseptic application. Rated for full vacuum and, full steam pressure. Only the diaphragm is in contact with the product so no need for additional valve steam seals.

    • PMO, USDA, and 3A Compliant – Meets criteria for Low and High Acid aseptic product and chemical isolation.