JCS Continuous PROCESS Standardization


  • JCS Continuous Process Standardization
    • The JCS Continuous Standardizer is a digital blending product that standardizes your products to your specifications
    • The JCS Continuous Standardizer is a proprietary Mass or Volume balance standardization system, we deliver on spec product from start to finish
    • Our system will standardize to your specific constituent, whether it is fat content, sugar solids, salts, % alcohol by volume (to name a few), or a combination of specs
      • The JCS Continuous Standardizer is the only system installed, approved by the TTB to continuous blend alcohol spirits to a bottling filler without the use of a bottling tank for proof checking
    • The JCS Continuous Standardizer is installed in multiple configurations to meet your product needs
      • We have installed everything from 2 stream systems to 16 stream systems
        • At product flowrates from fractional GPM up to 600 GPM throughput
    • Digital In-Line Blending is a method of product standardization or blending products together by introducing multiple streams of flow or components into a common pipe or small vessel.

      Digital blending can be thought of as continuous standardization of product. Digital In-Line Blending is similar to batching in that ingredients and additives are metered together into a tank or pipe. However, it differs in that all the ingredients are metered simultaneously at accurately controlled rates using digital technology to assure that the product batch is within specification at all times.

      The technique of continuous In-Line Blending for product standardization is not a simple flow rate control scheme. It is a completely engineered, synchronized, accurate system.

      Digital In-Line Blending technique also provides for standardizing of product by component, in other words, accurate material balance.  JCS has developed and installed the first ever TTB Approved In-Line Blending System for spirits to continuously deliver product to the filler.  This is a Just In Time process!

      It is also the first spirits process ever to be continuously produced in the United States with +/- .03% ABV Accuracy.
      This process also takes into account the volumetric contraction of alcohol and maintains accuracy!