inline blending

    minimize product losses with the jcs continuous in-line standardizing (jcs-cis™)


    The system enables you to attain precise product specifications throughout the entire production run. Unlike ratio solutions that sometimes need to be “corrected” post-batch, we meter every step of the blending process and immediately correct any variances in real time.

    • Blend only when and as much as you need, minimizing product losses due to shrink or costly work in process.
    • Eliminate the need to hold batch tanks for Quality Control adjustments, ultimately reducing your production time.

    • The system capacity goes from 2 streams up to 16 streams, at product flow rates from fractional gallons per minute (GPM) up to greater than 600 GPM throughput.


    Milk, juices, nectar, tea, sports drinks, whiskey, vodka, rum, beer, wine, tequila, brandy, soy sauce, among other spirits, foods and beverages.



    With the JCS-CIS™ you can increase productivity and reduce your production time. Compared to traditional batching, with the JCS-CIS™ you can get a 83% savings in time when producing 24,000 gallons of product. We help you become more profitable, efficient, and lean. 


    batching time


    inline standardizing

    Continuous Benefits

    • Measures as a material balance in pulses per pound or gallon resolution
    • Forces metered flows to respond to errors of +/- 1 pulse as metered
    • Adjustable ramp up and down for smooth and accurate blending starts and stops
    • Customer configurable recipe and ingredient database eliminates the need for periodic reprogramming due to product formulation changes
    • Preventive alarms notifications will tell QC when the system is out of specifications and stop the blender before it puts bad product downstream to ensure that waste and inefficiencies are kept at a minimum


    consistent product quality from the first drop to the last


    To guarantee that your product recipe is the same every time, if an ingredient falls behind during the production process, the JCS-CIS™ will automatically adjust to make sure that the final product has the perfect formulation on it.

    The system has the capability to standardize for multiple constituents simultaneously like fat levels,°Brix, alcohol content, salts, and others.This results in a continuously blended product standardized to the sub-component being measured, allowing for product targets to be set to the bottom end of the quality control range. I.E. +-0.001% salt, or +- .02%BF, or +-.03%ABV etc. 

    It’s a blend to bottle process, and the final result is a perfectly formulated product throughout the entire production run.

    JCS minimal product losses



    With traditional ratio blending, plus and minus errors often go undetected
    for long periods of time, resulting in lost production and diminished startup
    and shutdown product quality.

    With JCS-CIS™ errors are measured in millipulses per second or gallon, so they’re
    caught instantly and adjusted in real time.


    For the spirits industry, the JCS continuous standardizing, in-line blender is the only system installed, approved by the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) to continuous blend alcohol spirits to a bottling filler without the use of a bottling tank for proof checking. 

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