Clean In Place system for beverage processing

Clean In Place (CIP) SYstems

The JCS CIP System are designed to clean each circuit as efficiently as possible, optimized for chemical usage and time.

The standard JCS CIP Sequencer is preprogrammed with 5 step and 7 step CIP processes.

The JCS CIP Sequence is controlled by use of pinning charts. The pinning is viewable and changeable using Microsoft Excel in real time. This makes it straightforward to add custom CIP Processes i.e. options for cold water rinse, hot water rinse, etc.

Instrumentation provides for accurate control and optimizing the performance. If you measure something, you can optimize it.

CIP skids can be specified as 1 tank, 2 tank, 3 tank or more and each tank can be configured for different roles including reclaim.

Integration of the CIP system to the different circuits requiring cleaning is critical:

  • Each circuit can have specific set-points for time, temperature, conductivity and flow / pressure control. These set-points are stored in a database by circuit. When the operator selects a circuit the set-points are loaded into the program.
  • Line circuits are cleaned based on flow control
  • Tank circuits are cleaned based on pressure control to match tank spray ball specifications
  • Each CIP circuit can have sub-circuits optimized for cleaning, i.e. pulsing through valves on a cluster.

Benefits of the JCS CIP System

A standard JCS CIP System is integrated for your specific plant cleaning requirements.

Setpoints can be changed by personal on-site with the approved HMI permissions.

The JCS CIP processes provides optional extended washes for different difficult cleaning loads such as allergens, particulates, titanium dioxides

The JCS integrated system provide additional safety interlocks between process and CIP. This gives an added level of plant safety so once a circuit has been cleaned it can be tagged as clean. This can ensure that a CIP is completed and not skipped over. Circuits can be time stamped so operators and supervisors can quickly determine when a circuit or tank was lasted cleaned.

Continuous monitoring of the CIP Process assures complete and efficient cleaning and can avoid costly production time delays:

  • System monitors flow and if no flow detected for a programmable amount of time after activating the CIP supply pump, the system can alarm or shutdown
  • System monitors temperature and if required temperature is not obtained then the system can alarm or shutdown
  • System monitors chemical concentration and if required conductivity is not obtained and automated, adjustments do not achieve the required conductivity and the system can alarm or shutdown
  • System monitors return flow and if no return flow is detected for a programmable amount of time after activating the CIP supply pumps, the system can alarm or shutdown
  • System monitors return flow and if no return flow detected after X minutes of activating the CIP supply pumps the system can alarm or shutdown

An integrated air blow assures:

  • Vacate product out of the circuit prior to starting a CIP
  • Vacate rinse water out of the circuit before introducing cleaning chemicals
  • Vacate caustic wash water or Acid wash water before rinse
  • Vacate final rinse before making system ready for production

The CIP system can record all Critical Control Points for each circuit to a database for full CIP reporting.


Milk, Shake Mix, Ice Cream Mix, Functional Beverages, Plant Based Beverages, Nut based Beverages, Fruit Juices, Nectar, Tea, Sauces, Purees, and many other types of foods and beverages.