Clean In Place (CIP)

At JCS we know how important cleanliness is to your process. We design our processing systems to properly and efficiently integrate with Clean In Place (CIP).

We build CIP Systems to properly integrate with existing and new Processing Systems, as our philosophy is that proper cleaning is the beginning of product quality.

We keep energy, water and chemical savings in mind to reduce your operating costs.

The JCS CIP system is a skid-based process with options in the system design to incorporate the proper tank design from a single tank system up to four tank systems for recovery.

We design systems to achieve cleaning velocities of 5 – 10 feet per second in your process.

JCS implements and supports CIP systems either as stand-alone systems or, preferably, integrated with the production process control system. This approach often reduces cost of equipment, maintenance, and controls. It also frequently improves plant productivity and manufacturing yield because cleaning time is reduced, thereby increasing the amount of time available for production.

A JCS CIP System design incorporates all aspects of the production process, from Raw Circuits and Receiving through to the Filler. In dairy operations, Trucks and Silos are also part of the CIP Process.

When integrated into a production environment the system will track clean lines and 'dirty' lines making sure that operators understand which pipes can and cannot be used for product transfers.

Optional Integrated CIP Reports

Utilization of pinning to permit 3 step, 5 step and 7 step CIP sequences.

Instrumentation to monitor chemical usage to make sure the correct amount is used.

Alarms when steps are not progressing correctly.